Please join me this year on November 13th, World Kindness Day in spreading the message of kindness. 

Every year on World Kindness Day, Close Your Eyes and Imagine books will be distributed to kindergartners. My budget now allows for 25,000 books per year  to be distributed but my dream is to some day hand out over 1 million of these little messages of kindness. To receive free books for your school at only a nominal cost of  S&H please go to the link FREE books for World Kindness Day and place your order(Please only order books from this section if you are an educator of elementary age students).

There is a place for notes at the bottom of the shopping cart section. Please include the school district, name of the school and contact information in this section. 

Books can be ordered in bundles of 50 with each unit of 1 equaling 50 books. Because this is media mail the shipping costs are nominal. The first bundle of 50 books is only $4 with the cost increasing only $1 for every bundle thereafter. So for example placing an order for 4 would actually be 200 books with a S&H cost of only $7. Another example...500 books would be an order of 10 and would cost $13 in S&H.

This is an annual initiative so if you need say 128 books...order 150 and save the remainder for next year. The first year an elementary school signs up with this initiative they can receive books for all of their students in grades kindergarten and up. Every year thereafter the books will then be handed out to kindergartners only. 

Thank you for joining in this celebration of kindness. 

Together, we can make our world a more beautiful place💗