The Giving Book

The Giving Book is a publisher of children's books that in one way or another gives back. 

In giving is where happiness can always be found💗

The 2nd  book in The Giving Book series is due out on

National Rainforest Day-

June 22, 2019 and is titled

Home is Where You Hang Your Pupa

Meet Bernice and her side kick Chico. Bernice is a little larva that travels around the world looking for a place to hang her pupa. Along the way she meets many new and interesting friends. 

After traveling the world and back, Bernice is saddened because she still has not found a place to hang her pupa. She then hears a voice that leads her to where the other pupas are hanging and she finds the perfect place to hang. Bernice then realizes that HOME is where you hang your pupa because home is where the heart is💗

Sadly enough many of Bernice's new friends are endangered and all of them are at risk of losing their homes in the rainforest.  Bernice promised each and everyone of her friends that she would find a way to help save them. 

To honor Bernice's promise to her friends 10% of sales from this book will go towards saving these incredible animals and the rainforests. Together, we can make a difference🐛🌈💗


Meet Bernice
her mother named her Bernice for bringer of Victory because she knew that Bernice would do great and wonderful things with her life

Chico- Bernice's side kick

Chico was created in honor of the spix macaw that was just recently, on 9/9/2018, classified as extinct in the wild. Chico is named after Chico Mendez who in 1988 was gunned down for his efforts in saving the Brazilian rainforest.

Bernice's friends and more to follow