Hi there! My name is Abigail. I have BIG dreams. You may think I’m crazy BUT I want to make the world a better place through kind words, kind thoughts and kind deeds. I want to spread the message of kindness.

My mom says we are all born as pure love, free from hate and prejudice, then the world gets a hold of us. Sometimes I think I understand what she means. I know that we are ALL THE SAME; we all need the basic things in life, things like food, water, and shelter. We need these things no matter what color our skin is or what religion we are. I think what she means is, people look at each other and see only what is on the outside and forget that deep down we are all the same. I think she means, we start out as love and learn to hate the differences. So I have set out to remind people to look past our differences and give each other kindness through our words and actions.  We can all spread the message of kindness and make the world a better place. I know this seems impossible how can one person change the world? But I think we have to start somewhere. And if you think about it even a simple smile can inspire great things! I look forward to reading all of your stories of kindness that you have experienced.  Even small acts of kindness can make big differences. 

Your friend,