Abigail & Friends and The Giving Book is a combination of two ideas. The first was born out of an idea to create a character that stands for spreading the message of kindness. The latter was born out of the idea to create a publishing company in which  each book published by The Giving Book gives back in someway. The first book in The Giving Book series Close Your Eyes and Imagine is a simple poem on kindness turned into a book. Every year on World Kindness Day books are given free of charge to kindergarten children to promote the message of kindness. Over 13,000 books have been given out to promote kindness. To learn more, click on the Close Your Eyes and Imagine link. 

The second book Home is Where You Hang Your Pupa is about a little larva named Bernice who travels the world looking for a place to hang her pupa. She meets many friends along the way but is saddened to learn that many of them are endangered and at risk of losing their home in the rainforest. She promises each and every one of them that she will find a way to help. Click on Home is Where You Hang Your Pupa to learn more about Bernice's Promise and to meet all of her incredible friends.